Morality VS Climate Change

Recently I was thinking about the headlong rush to save the planet by moving to renewable energy sources. I was musing on the ludicrous hypocrisy of those who demand that we all stop burning “dinosaur squeezings” and embrace wind and solar as the alternate means of powering our lifestyles. I mean most of those calling for these changes live lives built around the usage of either coal or oil or both. Most of the devices we use today are made from products sourced either directly or indirectly from oil based products and from energy from coal or gas fired (or nuclear) power stations. For example; the devices we all communicate with are made with precious metals and plastics and other exotic materials all made or mined or developed by (in the main) countries that do not use the more exotic forms of “green energy”. To make matters worse we demand that we live lives of extreme comfort. We want to turn the liveability dial up to 11! So we have homes and businesses and cars that have to have air-conditioning and heating and all our appliances and furnishings and clothes etc all need to be the latest and greatest. Our manufacturers all outdo each other in bringing out yearly offerings all for our consumption and pleasure. We no longer see it important to make things that last – we live in an age of planned obsolescence. And we love it to be so. Our world wide travel industry uses a massive amount of fossil fuels to enable us our lifestyle choices for work and vacations.

So what to do about this ? How to change the way an entire planet lives and change the aspirations of everyone on it?

Into these mainly depressing thoughts, an idea hammered away at my consciousness trying to rise unbidden to the surface of my mind. What if the answers were not to be found externally? What if no amount of behavioural change could fix the planet?

What if it was our moral choices that affected not only the world, but the entire universe?

In the beginning that was the original choice. To choose life in obedience to God or knowledge of good and evil and become our own “gods”.

What if the entire sweep of history was God returning the entire universe to that original premise? The premise that it is mankind’s choice to live in obedient relationship to his creator God that is the primary factor deciding the fate of the entire universe.

If so, that changes everything. Yes, sure we still will need to make changes to how we go about managing the planet. But by far the biggest issue will be, how do we live our lives, morally? How do we determine right and wrong? What kinds of people should we be aiming to be? How do we communicate this radically different idea to everyone, everywhere? How can we do it?